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     Founded in October 1989, Beijing Huahuan Electronics Co., Ltd is a hi-tech company with majority holdings by Tsinghua University.

With technical support from Tsinghua University, Huahuan is committed to promoting the progress of international information industry. Huahuan takes lead in the research,development and sales of communication transmitting and accessing devices. With a registered capital of 111.58 million yuan, the total asset of Huahuan is now more than 200 million yuan.

The headquarters of Huahuan lies in Shangdi Information Park of Beijing, one of the first group of National Electronic Information Industry Parks. The production base of Huahuan stands in Miyun industrial development zone, covering more than 40 Acres. On October 28th 2006, Huahuan officially visited Agency Share Transfer System(third market), securities referred to as "China Central Electronics", stock code being "430009".

Huahuan actively participates in the standardization of communication industry and is the member of China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and Metro EthernetForum (MEF).

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