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H9MO-LME Compact SDH Multiplexer

Product Overview

H9MO-LME is a member of Huahuan’s Metro-Edge Express SDH/MSPP product family. This family of products is aimed at the access network establishment, providing TDM and Ethernet services to meet the needs of today’s network evolution. Other members in the Metro-Edge Express include H9MO-LMX, H9MO-LM, H9MO-LMFIT,H9MO-LMV, H9MO-LM63, etc.

H9MO-LME adopts combined design, the system board, power board and interface board are mix-assembly. To meet different requirement of service interface type andquantity, different configuration of H9MO-LME are available. H9MO-LME provides 1/2 STM-1 ports, 2/4 Fastethernet ports, 4/8/16 E1 ports, and V.35 port. It is applicable to different network, such as star network, chain network, and ringnetwork, realizing a very flexible networking.

H9MO-LME supports features as follows:

l   Support1+1 MSP, SNCP protection

l   Managementchannel can be DCC/E1/VC12

l   E1 BERTtest is embedded

l   Internalclock/external clock/line clock/clock holdover

l   Ethernet service supporting GFP encapsulation, VC12 virtual concatenation and LCAS, PVLAN, 802.1Q

H9MO-LMFE supports the following services on different ports:

l  STM-1(Single core is available)

l  FE(Electrical)

l  E1/V.35/E3/DS3


STM-1 Fiber Port

Bit rate:

155520kbit/s   4.6ppm

Line code:

Scrambled NRZ

E1 Port

Bit rate:

2.048 Mbps ± 50 ppm

Line code:



BNC (4 E1/8 E1 interface board), RJ-48 C (4 E1/8 E1/16  E1 interface board)or CC4 (16 E1 interface board)


RJ48C: Default: 75         Option /T: 120  BNC: 75

Number of ports:

0, 4, 8,16

V.35 Port

Bit rate:

Framed N*64kbps, 1≤N≤31;

Unframed 2048kbit/s

Work mode

DCE, DTE selectable


DB15 interface


1 or 2

Ethernet Port/ Management Port



Interface mode:

single channel

100 Base-Tx / 10 Base-Tx full-duplex/half-duplex

Multichannel Ethernet: auto-negotiation, 100 Base-Tx  full-duplex

Transmission mode

EoS or EoE selectable


EoS: can set for 2000 or 2032 bytes

EoE: fixed  2032bytes




2 or 4


Internal, STM-1 line, E1 tributary line




44mm x 258mm x 440mm(H/D/W)

Other models size: 44mm x 136mm x 440mm(H/D/W)

Net weight:


Power (AC):

100 ~ 240 V, 50/60Hz

Power (DC):

-48 V(-72V ~ -36V), +24V(18V~36V)or +12V(9V ~ 18V)


≤12W(without PCM cards) or ≤ 16W(within PCM cards)

Working temp

0 ~ 45°C


0-90%RH (non-condensing)

Standard Compliance

TU-T G.703, G.704, G.707, G.736, G.781, G.783, G.784,  G.798, G.803, G.811, G.813, G.823, G.825, G.826, G.841, G.957, G.7041,  G.7042, IEEE802.3, 802.1Q, 802.1P, O.150

Typical Application

l  Point to Point Application:

l  Ring Network Application:

Standard Compliance


Standards and Protocols

SDH Interface

ITU-T G.957,  G.707

E1 port

ITU-T G.703, G.704

Clock port

ITU-T  G.823

Ethernet port

IEEE 802

G.7041/G.704  2/G.7043 and G.8040