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Huahuan At 25th Convergence India

25th Convergence India opened In New Delhi on 6th, Feb, 2017 as plan. Beijing Huahuan Electronic,. Ltd participate Convergence India with creative and custom made communication solutions, not only we consolidated cooperation between old customers and but laso mined a lot of potential customers, laying foundation for India and even South Asia market.

This convergence is biggest ever with 635 international and India domestic exhibitors, 30 conference sessions (over 150 speakers), 20000+ trade vistiors and 6 halls. It not only proves the development of Convergence India but also shows the prospering trend of India communication industry.

This time Huahuan mainly present the solutions of PTN, IPRAN and IP access solutions for operators as well as some widely used solutions including TDMoIP, EoPDH, PCM Utility etc. To make transmission longer, more efficient and more assured, we exhibit our solutions of GPON, WDM PON, C/DWDM and EDFA. All soltuions impressed a lot of vistiors deeply  with its practicability and innovation and customers show strong cooperation intention after knowing more about our products.

In future, Huahuan will provide more professional &efficient telecommunication sotutions with more mature attitudes, realzing our mission that to break transmission bottleneck, bringing value to customer.