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H16MRO IP Radio

Product Overview

H16MRO digital microwave equipment is a new-generation packet microwave communication system based on an innovative design concept. Rather than using the traditional structure of split-mount between ODU and IDU, it uses a full outdoor integrated structure and innovative software/hardware design, integrating RF and Modeminto a single, compact outdoor unit, which is directly connected with the antenna, greatly simplifying the engineering installation, operation and maintenance.


l  Zero footprint, fully integrated and cost-effective solution

l  Up to 450Mbps capacity with Hitless Automatic Adaptive Coding and Modulation (HAACM)

l  Network synchronization with SyncE

l  QoS (Quality of Service) and VLAN for traffic prioritization

l  Scalable bandwidths (ETSI 3.5/7/14/28/56/112 MHz, FCC5/10/20/30/40/60/80MHz ) and flexible modulation schemes (QPSK-1024QAM) tosecure best link performance

l  Power supply with coxial cable and Optional Optical GE port for strong lightning protection

l  High availability and reliability based on licensed frequency bands from 6.5G to 23G and unlicensed frequency bands at 5.8H, 10.5G 17G and 24G

l  Jumbo frame up to 9600 bytes, layer-2 switching, auto MDI/MDXI, VLAN, QoS,QinQ, STP/RSTP, RLS

l  RF and digital loopback capability

l  Digital Pre-distortion feature

l  ATPC and built-in FEC function

l  Built-in Bit Error Rate (BER) monitoring

l  Small and attractive profile, Low latency and low power consumption, wide operating temperature range fits all weather conditions

l  Local management capability as well as SNMP

l  Zero IF design for easy manufacturing.

Typical Application

Cellular Backhaul

Smart Packet is a perfect fit for 3G/LTE/WiMAX base station backhaul to replace optical fiber and FSO, ideally for new all-packet base station, and caters tovarious connection needs: voice, data, management and control. With SynE synchronization, Smart Packet could meet any RAN network requirement.

With external PWE3 interface unit, Smart Packet could provide up to 16E1 and 4FE interfaces for 2G/3G/LTE co-site scenario.

Figure 1 – Cellular Backhaul

ISP Backhaul

Smart Packet allows ISPs, who own no land lines, to quickly establish a backhaul without quality compromises. ISPs can grow up their profits by delivering services with guaranteed SLA or reaching distant clients from their PoP using radios with similar cost at licensed frequencies to avoid spectrum congestion.

Figure 2 –ISP Backhaul

Broadband Access

Smart Packet is an affordable medium capacity radio solution for enterprises that need private lines and broadband Ethernet traffic.

It offers solutions with fine combination of cost effectiveness & short commission time for the following applications:

* DSLAM backhaul

* No right-of-way

* Extending network from a fiber POP

* Private Communication networks