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Wireless Access/IP Radio Solution

Huahuan digital microwave equipment is a new-generation packet microwave communication system based on an innovative design concept. Rather than using the traditional structure of split-mount between ODU and IDU, it uses a full outdoor integrated structure and innovative software/hardware design, integrating RF and Modem into a single, compact outdoor unit, which is directly connected with the antenna, greatly simplifying the engineering installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Up to 450Mbps with HAACM (Hitless Automatic AdaptiveCoding and Modulation)

  • QoS, VLAN and Network synchronization with SyncE

  • Scalable bandwidth: ETSI 3.5/7/14/28/56/112 MHz, FCC5/10/20/30/40/60/80MHz

  • Flexible modulation scheme: QPSK-1024QAM

  • High availability and reliability based on licensed frequency bands from 6.5G to 23G and unlicensed frequency bands at 5.8G,10.5G 17G and 24G