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Huahuan made a spectacular appearance in CommunicAsia 2024

CommunicAsia 2024 held a grand opening on May 29th, 2024. It is the largest and most influential information and communication technology exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, attracting thousands of telecommunications and information technology companies from dozens of countries, as well as executives and experts from top technology giants worldwide.

At this exhibition, Huahuan made a spectacular appearance with the new products and new solutions at 4H1-3, 1 Expo Drive Singapore, attracting many new and old customers.

² MS-OTN Solutions

In the era of internet of everything, the development of new services such as 5G/6G mobile communication, internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has posed new challenges to fiber bearer networks. Huahuan end-to-end full network MS-OTN solutions provide customers with high-end, efficient, secure, and economical optical network solutions to fully meet the high-speed and secure transmission demands from access, aggregation to backbone networks.

Huahuan DCI and the metro wave division series products have the advantages of flexible, openness, optoelectronic decoupling, low cost, small size, energy saving and environmental protection. They can be applied in the WDM MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), the large bandwidth long-distance transmission, the MAN comprehensive bearing and data center interconnection.

Huahuan access/convergence OTN series products integrate OTN, TDM, and packet technology, support OSU functions, and have advantages such as large bandwidth, low latency, high precision, high reliability, high flexibility, easy control, low cost, and low power consumption. They can provide access and aggregation of 64K to 10G different speed services for future MAN.

² Private network communication solutions

Huahuan private network solutions for utility customers in various private network application scenarios such as power, railways, and oil, provide comprehensive business access and transmission with bandwidth ranging from 64K to 100G.

Huahuan multiplexer and transmission series products can support SDH/MPLS dual planes or SDH/MPLS/OTN triple planes, and can provide rich service interfaces to meet customers' requirements for service access and transmission of various types and rates, ensuring smooth network evolution and protecting customers' investment.

Focusing on the field of communication, keeping up with the forefront of technology and continuous innovation for 30 years, Huahuan always adheres to the conception Breaking Transmission Bottlenecks, Bringing Value to Customer and provide advanced and reliable communication products and solutions for domestic and foreign customers to promote the development of information and digital industries.