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Huahuan Roadshow in Indonesia

On 5th November 2015, Huahuan held the roadshow at Indonesia station in Sudan Hotel of Jakarta. The roadshow is aiming to introduce Huahuan new products to operators, promote Huahuan brand, develop potential customers and reinforce customer confidence in Huahuan in Indonesia market.

It started at 4 pm local time. CEOs, CTOs and department managers from Mobile Operator Indosat, PT.Telkom, XL Axiatafrom, etc. and also Private Network operators ICON+, Pgascom, etc. were invited to the roadshow. Overseas Business Director Mr Lianhong Zhou made the presentation about Huahuan, Huahuan new product lines and solutions. The speech was well-responded, enhancing Operators’ impression on Huahuan and facilitated decelopment in Indonesian Telecom market.